CJA in October

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Hey guys! Taking the CJA the week before JNUC. Just wondering if anyone else on here is making the trip early and if anyone has recommendations to kill time during the weekend!


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I suppose that depends on what you like to do. I work in the Eau Claire office, but visit Minneapolis outside of work pretty regularly.

I never quite entirely grew up, so whenever I visit Minneapolis, and am not going specifically to hang out with friends of mine that live there, I like to hit the Science Museum and the zoos (Minnesota and Como ).

I don’t really have a super favorite set of parks or trails for biking, walking, jogging, or just hanging out, but this page has a pretty full list.

If it’s bars, nightclubs, and shopping, alas, that’s out of my realm, but I’m sure someone that isn’t me will have better recommendations. :)

I seem to remember enjoying visiting the Vegas Lounge (which is cash only, as a heads up) the last time I was there, though.


Need to kill time? After the CJA sessions remote into work and finish building our Yosemite load script, slacker!

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Hey @chisox1, here's a link to a couple of the local arts/music rags in the Twin Cities- you can see what's going on by date/event type:



Might be some good intel there- lots happening here most weekends, tough to choose what to go see & do sometimes!

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Pearl Jam! Xcel Energy Center 10/19