Classroom and EDU Profile not loading

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When our Devices are wiped and setup for a new teacher the EDU Profile is not installing, thus Classroom will not show student devices online.


I have had the profile installed on the device, but the moment we wipe the device the profile will not reinstall.  I have checked the Inventory Profiles / Mangement Configuration Profiles / and Management Groups  - Smart and static.  I have insured all the profiles are setup the same way.  same groups, etc.


We are refreshing our teacher fleet of ipads and this is causing issues and making them unusable for classroom.


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Is the iPad assigned to the teacher in Jamf and is that same teacher assigned as the teacher in the Classes area?

How long are you waiting for the edu profile to appear? I sometimes find it can take a couple of hours to refresh as Jamf is doing a lot of EDU processing in the background. Other times I might make a change to a class just to force a refresh.

Yes,  the teacher has a class,  class shows that teacher assigned to it.  Teacher is assigned to the ipad. 

Install Confguration Profile EDU will show in the pending commands. but  in just a second or two with no error code..



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Not sure what might make an edu profile fail to install. Probably best to open a support case with Jamf. Might see something in the logs.

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I'm experiencing this same thing with a specific teacher. Wondering if you've solved this?