Classroom App lost all classes on Teacher iPad

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One of our Teachers has lost all classes in their Classroom app on their 2020 iPad running iOS15.

Error message:  Configuration invalid.  Classroom must be configured with a valid education onfiguration profile.  Contact you network administrator for assistance.

I was working with iOS15 for a number of days, until late this afternoon, and the classes have all just disappeared on this one Teacher ipad.  Other teachers are ok.


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We're currently experiencing this issue, and it's expanding at an alarming rate. My current estimation is that the issue occurs the first time Jamf pushes out a new EDU profile to the device after it was upgraded to iOS 15. It doesn't seem to affect devices that clean installed iOS 15.

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We are seeing the same error as well. Has there been a solution other than reinstalling the iOS? 

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Do you think these issues are related to PI-010141? We had a similar issue, not related to iOS 15 but to our upgrade of the Java version on our host server - we are self-hosted.