Classroom App Opinions

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Just curious if anyone has started using the classroom app for their iPads in a school setting. What are your opinions on it, is there any issues with it? What is the network set up that you are using?

Also does anyone know if you can sync the student apple id's similar to their emails from active directory somehow or atleast Office 365 admin?



We have been using Apple Classroom for over a month and are thrilled with it. The only issues we have seen are:
1. Apps are re-arranged on some iPads after locking the student iPad using Classroom. Assume this is a bug.
2. Sometimes have to toggle Bluetooth off/on on an iPad to work.

We are a private Catholic High School, 1750 students, with a 1:1 iPad program. This is our 4th year. We currently have iPad Air's. We have a Cisco powered WiFi network and devices authenticate to AD.

In summary, iPads are in DEP and are Supervised. We use Device based app assignment. Every classroom has an AppleTV. We do not use Office365.

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The biggest complaint that I get from teachers is that when they lock a child into an app, if they restart the iPad by way of soft reset(holding home button and power button until restart), they are no longer locked into the app. As far as for me, I would like to see the ability to have the display name within the app be able to be pulled from the full name tab in jamf rather than the username tab. Other than those two small issues it's been a really good application.

I have the same issues regarding the iPad locked by the teacher, and the student can still unlock it by restarting the iPad.

Apple Classroom may need to look at something to disable the power button and restart button while the iPad is locked.