CleanMyMac is now compatible with Jamf

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Hey Jamf Nation,

CleanMyMac X team here. We are a cleaning software for Mac that is notarized by Apple. Just wanted to notify you that CleanMyMac can be now installed and customized through Jamf Pro. Here’s how you can set up CleanMyMac:

  1. Visit our Business or Academia pages to purchase multiple licenses at a special price.
  2. Download PKG file
  3. Run the PKG to install CleanMyMac X through Jamf.
  4. Create a property list file (plist) with the following structure: 023bd65173eb49f3a08fe463bcee66e9
  5. Add your license to License.plist as an ActivationKey value
  6. Put license to Application Support (path: ~/Library/Application Support/CleanMyMac X/License.plist)
  7. Once CleanMyMac is run for the first time, the license will be read and the app activated on all Macs.

And that’s it :) Hope you’ll enjoy using CleanMyMac on your clients’ computers. Please leave comments below if any questions occur.


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