Clear passcode failing

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I have a user who forgot their passcode on their iPhone. Normally no problem, send a clear passcode push and they are back in business. Well this time the clear passcode push fails and returns "Keychain reported error code -25308." All other pushes come back "Device was busy. Will try again." I have googled about that error and found absolutely nothing. Hopefully you all can help.


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I am also having this issue on an iPad Pro 9.7" iOS 11.1 with JAMF Pro version 10.0.0.

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Same. iOS 11.0.1, iPad Air 2, JAMF Pro 10.0.0-t1508873342.

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same here. had to physically get the device back and wipe using iTunes.

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I too am having this issue.

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I am dumbfounded right now but I just got a clear passcode command to work. !!!!!!!!!

iPad at 11.2.6, jamf pro cloud hosted running 10.1.1-t1513360285, externally facing.

Kid took iPad home and reset password, then couldn't get back into it and brought it to me this morning - screen said iPad disabled and it was connected to WiFi. Clear passcode command from JSS went right through.

I was pretty sure I was going to have to wipe that thing and start him over. Pleased as punch but figure this is a fluke so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much that something got fixed. Just had to brag I guess...hope some other people can start doing that! :)

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this happened again this morning. same version of jamf pro, iOS 11.2.5 on the iPad. device was not disabled and WiFi was not on, and plugging it in to the camera adapter rig allowed me to get the command to go through. huh!