Client migrated from 8.52 via quick add doesn't run login policies


With our 8.6 environment stood up, and a number of test boxes in the environment working as expected, I've started to test the migration of older clients to the new 8.6 environment.

Though most policies seem to run as expected (every15, manual triggers etc) I cannot for the life of me get the login policies to run.

If I switch the policy to be a manual trigger, I can run it, but of course, since the policy is scripted for a login trigger - $3 isn't really a valid variable other than at login.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be?

Environment is:
8.52 enrolled client
8.6 (new JSS)
Quick Add package being run to migrate from one JSS to the other


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I am interested too. As I am in the middle of the upgrade from JSS 8.43 to v8.6.

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Do you have your Login/Logout hooks enabled on your new JSS?

Settings >> Computer Management Framework Settings >> Login/Logout Hooks tab


I do have the hooks enabled.

Looks like this is just a random occurrence on a single box - after a few restarts everything was humming along - and on other machines there's been no lag whatsoever.

I've looked into a few ways to accomplish the migration, as we're changing hostnames, have a different certificate etc - so in most cases, I was concerned about just changing the Global Management Framework URL. Instead, I've first tested with a manual trigger, then via policy from our old JSS.

My goal will be to run the QuickAdd for the existing clients as an every15-ongoing. That way, every client will be migrated when they checkin on their next every15.

The only thing that I've noticed is that if the quickadd is set to auto launch self service, it seems to reflect the old self service site, rather than the new.