Clustering advice please

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I'm architecting an upgrade from v8 on a single Xserve (also masterDP) to v9 on Windows VM. We've got 900 Macs in North America, 80 in APAC, 300 in EU.

The question at hand is; should we consider splitting Tomcat an MySQL to separate servers and also define the master DP on yet another box?


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I would say yes, although the right answer will also depend on expected growth. If you expect to add more Macs as time goes by, you will be thankful you built the infra for growth rather than getting just what you need right now. Moving from 8.x to 9.x seems like a good opportunity to rethink your structure and get things in place for the future.

We're looking to do the same. Our current setup simply wasn't built to handle the amount of Macs we manage today and we have no end to our troubles with the JSS performance-wise. Hoping to get them all squared away with additional Tomcat and MySQL servers added into the mix and beefier servers all around to handle the flow.

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I would agree. It's a good move to separate them all, especially with moving from 8.x to 9.x. I did almost the same thing you are thinking about at my last job and it worked out just fine.


We migrated from X serves to new Windows VMs when we moved up to 9 and have one VM for MySQL and one for Tomcat. It's worked well for us with 12,500 Macs and 1,700 iOS devices.

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Are you having the Tomcats clusterd @andrew_stenehjem?
I would like to see if possible how your setup looks like.



We are only running one Tomcat VM so no clustering as of right now. We used to have clustered x serves and at some point we'll probably cluster some more Windows VMs for Tomcat, but we're getting by with only one right now. It is on a clustered VMM server with high availability, so if the physical that it's on goes down it'll migrate itself to the other.