Composer: APFS & HFS


Either Im really slow to catch on, or missed the memo. Using current version 10.6.2 of Composer I discovered that it will now ask which filesystem do you want to create a DMG / PKG on APFS/HFS.

Silly me, wasn't paying attention to the Filesystems I was testing on APFS and most Macs I will be deploying to are HFS. My APFS systems was deploying the DMG beautifully other than ejecting after install and my other system was getting an empty application placeholder.

I went back through and recreated a DMG and I was prompted on creating using APFS or HFS. Thats when I decided to look at the Testing Macs I was using and discovered the difference. Luckily it worked when I created a DMG using HFS.

Does anyone know of a way to create a script that can check which filesystem structure the Mac is on and then apply the appropriate DMG/PKG? I honestly, havent looked I just realized this today. I know APFS is not backwards compatible. I havent checked to see if the HFS DMG will install on an APFS. Guess that will be my next test.


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HFS will work on all drive formats. It's probably best to stick to using that for now until at least 10.14 when APFS will be the default filesystem.