Composer: combine PKG + XML for TeamViewer


Hey, I am currently setting up everything for the company-wide rollout of TeamViewer.

For this, I am following this guide

I am stuck at the "Deploying the TeamViewer Application Using Jamf Pro" step. I downloaded a TeamViewer_Host.pkg from our TeamViewer Instance and created a choices.xml file.

Now, it asks me to combine both into a dmg file using Jamf Composer.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 11.03.27.png

I can't find a way to combine both into one dmg file. On the screenshot, you see what happens when dragging + dropping both files into Composer. In this case, I can only build the XML as a DMG. This won't help I guess.

Can someone tell me how to combine them according to the Jamf Guide?

side note: I also looked through the Composer Guide but couldn't find anything that helps me.





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Create a folder in /private/tmp named "TeamViewer". Copy the files mentioned above into the "TeamViewer" folder. Drag the folder into composer. After converting to source, edit the permissions of the "TeamViewer" folder in composer. Then create a post install script to run the .pkg file in /private/tmp/TeamViewer. No stupid .DMG required. I avoid .DMGs at all costs.