Composer issue?

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Scenario: Running on 10.10.5 and Composer 9.65 (and tested with 9.81). When converting some packages no files will show up in the Sources (or in the folder in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Composer/Sources/).

I know the original pkg file has them (the install works and the files are listed in the installer). I've tested with both flat and fat packages. It's consistent with the packages it doesn't work with, but there's not consistency I can see in what packages it'll work with.

The permissions on the Sources/<project>/ROOT folder is root:wheel 777. So I don't think that's it.


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hey @cwaldrip

Same setup , but not seeing those issues. I am not back to work until Tuesday. Can you post a sample of what you are packaging, and I will try to duplicate, if no one else responds before then


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An additional clue - the converted source doesn't show an icon. Coworker has the same problem.

Here's just one of the files.

The signing cert expired on this package, but not others, and I'm trying to repackage it.

the utility unpkg works fine though. Curious.