Composer - Segmented DMG

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Hello all,

I am kind of new to Jamf and the macOS world, so please bear with me.
Back in October/November 2020 we were able to create a big Adobe CC package with this guide:

I was able to split it into 4 dmg files.
Later on I drag and dropped the segmented files, the dmgparts, into the composer and hit "Build as PKG".

It all worked fine, even the deploying with Jamf and the installation.

However, something since then must have changed or I am doing something completely wrong.

I have all 4 files, segmented.dmg, segmented.002.dmgpart, segmented.003.dmgpart, segmented.004.dmgpart in /private/tmp.

I already build a package for segmented.002.dmgpart, segmented.003.dmgpart and segmented.004.dmgpart.

However, the first file, segmented.dmg looks different when I drag and drop it into composer. It also fails when I click on "Build as PKG". "PKG build failed". It looks like it takes the whole 20gb and tries to create a pkg out of that. Even tho the segmented.dmg is only 5gb.

Does this no longer work? I am on Big Sur 11.1 (Intel) and Composer 10.16.1.

Howelse, can I upload a 20gb file to jamf, when it won't let me pkg the splitted dmg files.

Thank you


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For our labs, I broke Adobe down so we have an installer for each app. These are using the shared device license.

This helped with uploads to jamf cloud distribution point, and installs on lab machines more reliable.

For employees, I push the desktop client only, they login and download the apps they want. This is configured with named user license.