Composer with Mountain Lion

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I'm unable to use Composer while booted from Mountain Lion DP4, trying to image a volume with Lion installed. The error is

hdiutil: create failed - Resource busy

And the logs show

6/26/12 12:28:13.151 PM fseventsd[44]: Events arrived for /Volumes/OSX7 after an unmount request! Re-initializing. 6/26/12 12:28:13.151 PM fseventsd[44]: creating a dls for /Volumes/OSX7 but it already has one...

If I uncheck all the options "Compress disk image" etc. Then the dmg is created.

Not sure how composer and fsevents are related.


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I have seen the same issue and open a tix with Jamf

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Fsevents is the process in OS X that Composer uses when you choose the "Monitor File System Changes" snapshot option. I don't specifically know why that would be in the error logs when trying to capture a disk though.

And I don't know that you'll be able to get much support for this since ML isn't actually released yet. Anyone that has it is still under NDA from Apple. including of course the JAMF team. I suspect they have a build of Composer ready on the sidelines for when 10.8 ships next month, but I don't know that for a fact. Maybe check with your JAMF account manager and see if you can get early access to the latest build.

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I've run into this very problem with the release version of 10.8.1. When I try to run Composer on a 10.8 machine to get an OS package of a 10.8 or 10.8.1 machine I get the hdiutil error every time.

Switch to a 10.7.4 machine and run Composer, I can create the OS package for 10.8 with no problems.

Anyone having this issue and found a resolution?

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I am having this problem as well. I can't boot from a 10.7.4 machine because it is a new MacBook Pro, and will only boot into ML. Any solutions?

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tep .. There is firmware that prevents the machine from booting older OS's You can only boot what the machine comes with or greater.

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I downloaded Composer 8.62 and it all worked well.

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I keep getting this error: "Composer requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. I have 10.8.5! Help.

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What version of Composer do you have? Try downloading the latest if you don't already have it. The version of Composer you use doesn't have to match the JSS like the other applications in the suite.