Computer Inventory Collection Issue

New Contributor III

Hi im currentally installing some plugins to Adobe After Effects and i use the Plugins In Computer Invertory as a smart group to install if plugin x is not installed.
But i have an issue now as i need to install another one into the following location /Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/

But for some reason after i have added this location in the Plug-ins section it is not scanning this location. My old locations are still working but if i add any new ones it not longer puts any infomation into the Inventory.

I have even Manually run the Inventory and even in verbose mode but dont get any errors, But no other infomation. When i run Sudo jamf recon -verbose all im getting is the following:
Searching Path: / Applications/Adobe After Effects 2020/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

Im hoping its somthing simple that im missing but any help would be appreacated.