Computer names not sticking

New Contributor III

Hey all, I think I'm missing something. Within the last 2 or 3 months, a change was seemingly made, and I've no longer been able to make changes to either computer names in the JSS or on the client machine separately. If I want to change the name of a machine I have to change it on the server, then quickly run these terminal commands on the client machine to make the name stick:

scutil --set ComputerName "Computer Name"
scutil --set LocalHostName "Computer Name"
scutil --set HostName "Computer Name"

Previously I would change the name on either the JSS or on the client and run a recon and the data would sync up, but now it just gets stuck with the old name. Running the terminal commands is ok for the odd machine when I have them on my desk, but doesn't work when the machine is possibly hundreds of miles away at another campus.




Yup, me too. I think I'm seeing it on Mojave DEP supervised Macs, but I haven't stopped to confirm what is happening.