Computers enrolled as devices

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Hello, I noticed an issue on our JPS where a few of our computers are enrolled as 'devices' AND computers. When looking at Devices, I see about 10 MBP's mixed in w/ all of our other iOS devices. There isn't much information on these systems, but the serial numbers all have computer enrollments as well.

I'm trying to do some forensics to see if I can figure out how they would exist in both places (devices and computer) and how they got there. None of these were DEP enrollments, but I don't see a ton of commonality between all of these. Has anyone seen this before?


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I have when they are VMs without a proper model identifier and serial.

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Thanks for the reply, it's a good thought. None of these were VMs. Oddly the model shows up correctly

Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,3

The serial number is correct too.

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We ran into a few computers being added into device as well. After talking with jamf support, they suggested to get rid of any device enrollment profiles since we are only managing mac laptops and desktops. We previously had an enrollment profile for Apple configurator when we were testing out iOS management and adding iOS devices into Apple DEP. Since then we have not had any issues.