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I'm a new user to the JSS/Casper and im having a little difficulty in getting an smb mount to mount during login. We are an AD environment our mac image we are rolling out is 10.8.2. Our jamf server is running on a windows box and is currently version 8.62.

I have created a configuration profile that's applied to a user level, at login time i have set to mount an SMB share eg: smb://testserver/share.

I have scoped it out to a smart group of any mac running 10.8, a select AD group eg: TestADGroup, and limited to only my works ip networks.

When a user logs into the mac none of the drives are being mounted. Having a look in profiles in system preferences shows that this configuration profile is not applied/installed.

I'm not sure where to begin in trying to solves this issue, i think its also worth pointing out that our macs are bound to AD and not OD.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Does the config profile install when you do it manually to one computer? If so, then your SmartGroup has an error. Before going into the AD and SmartGroup area, I would ensure this is working on individual computers.

  2. Are other Config profiles working on that TestADGroup SmartGroup? If not, then that may be your problem.

  3. If no config profiles are working, you probably have port issues or something else.

Even if the config profile doesn't work, it should at least show up on the computer.

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Hi Aturner

After further playing the test mac gets all config profiles that are device based(not user) if we export it them manually then install to a machine it works fine for every other network user just not the first one who logged in. If we remove the network scope and set all ip's it seems to work after a few restarts.

We have only been able to get it to work by setting it to all ip addresses, but still it only works for every other network user but the first one to log in.

Given these are staff machines they will be the first people to log in.

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How about if you install in the profile then do a restart? Does it still require a "first login" to get it to work?