Config Profiles Failing Deployment (9.65)

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Hi folks,

Got a new one... client running JSS 9.65 on Windows. Been using Casper Suite for the past 2 years to manage OS X only.

Part of our deployment configuration is 3 standard configuration profiles that every machine gets (loginwindow, Energy Saver, Software Update Server).
These machines were all imaged to 10.10.2 last month. Config profiles haven't been changed in eons.

Randomly seeing machines "lose" their profiles, and deployment errors out (not sure why they are being re-deployed when things haven't changed).


APNS ports are wide open (been for a couple of years, nothing has changed there, we confirmed this) and the APNS cert was going to expire within a month, so we renewed it last Friday.

JAMFSoftwareServer.log doesn't show anything out of the ordinary. Currently have a case open with support but wondering if anyone has seen anything similar in the past (cc @amanda.wulff)


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As an aside, I can fix this by running the following commands on the client:

sudo jamf removeMdmProfile
sudo jamf mdm
sudo jamf manage

But I shouldn't have to keep doing this. All clients were OK on Friday, by today 17 of them have lost these profiles.

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My Config Profiles failed in one of my labs last Friday, all 30 computers lost connection. I had to download the profile, deploy it via Casper Remote and mass restart. Nothing changed and I can't figure out what happened.

JSS 9.65, OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10.3

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We have JSS in the cloud, so basically no access to logs of it.
I would like to understand what to look at on the client side to figure out why my SCEP configuration profile fails.
Possibly it fails on server side, then what am I supposed to look at in JAMF to understand what I did wrong?