Configuration could not be downloaded from <my school>, cancelled

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I need help, please!

I have one iPad that needed to be wiped, but now it can't be configured as I get stuck at the above message.

I have renewed my DEP token. My Apple Push Notification Certificate does not match the Push Topic mentioned on the help screen, ie “”, as we were migrated from ZuluDesk.

Could this be the problem, or is it something else? If this is the problem, how can I proceed without messing up my entire deployment? I don't seem to have the option to create a new certificate, and I gather that if I delete the existing certificate, everything stops working?

(Please answer in simple English as I'm tech support in my school more by accident than by design (I'm sure at least a few of you know what I mean). Thanks in advance!)


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When I have had this issue, I do the following:
1. Delete the device from Jamf
2. Unassign the device from Jamf in Apple School Manager (Do NOT Release device)
3. Wait about 20 minutes
4. Reassign the device in Apple School Manager
5. Wait about 20 minutes and then try again.