Configuration Profile Payload Incorrect

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On the JSS Under Configuration Profiles I have a Security and Privacy payload for Gatekeeper set to Mac App Store and Identified Developers and a check box in Allow users to change password.

When the Configuration Profile comes in it is incorrect, it flags Disable Password Reset as TRUE, however in the JSS I checked the box to “Allow user to change password”

Below is a link to screen shorts to further explain this issue.


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We've had horrible luck with JAMF's implantation of the MDM's for Macs so far (v9.24). Rather than using their built-in GUI, we have reverted to using custom plist files to create the exact configuration of the what should be done.

One thing we noticed is that if you did a copy of a profile that had a Security & Privacy tab selected, it would be applied no matter what you did to the copied profile. Only way out was to create a brand new MDM config.

We also noticed that the MDM configs would have additional settings applied to them, which were not set or even visible in the GUI.

I would suggest you start with a fresh MDM, and if that doesn't work. Then just use the plist files for each setting until JAMF works out the bugs. Annoying yes, but it does work.