Configuration Profiles - Pending for a long time

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I have problem with Configuration Profiles whose status has been pending for a long time for all computers.
I create new test profile and there is the same problem.
Previously, the profile worked without a problem. Any ideas what is the problem ?


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I just had the same issue, I was just told by a JAMF rep that there might be a delay on Apples servers for push notifications right now.
In my case though it was that and that my push certificate has expired.

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The more tickets are opened with Apple, including impact statements, the more they realize they've got to fix this.



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Can you share the screenshot of test profile.

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I'm facing the same problem with configuration profiles never applied because they're stucked on pending. This issue is not impacting every laptops, however I can't find the common denominator.
Did you find a fix, please ?

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Same problem we're having here, too.

Fix your shiz, Apple! Cmon!

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It seems to depend on what is in the profile. The worst I have had is with Wi-Fi config that uses AD certifcates, as the profile payload needs to talk to the network. Two hours was average deployment on most devices. Also had issues with AV software realated profiles with a PPPC payload. Makes me think anything with security settings is problematic.


Same as @GeoffWiddowson Its mostly my Wi-Fi Machine Cert. It works on all except like a hand full of Macs. It just sits their pending.

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I was having this same issue, re enrolling the machines in question seemed to do the trick. We also ran sudo jamf removeframework and then re enrolled on a few other machines that were being difficult

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Same here, how the bleep do you re-enroll a machine thats tired of this crap.

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@tgoodpaster You can initiate a VPN connection, remote in and enroll the user. Thats how we do it for users that are remote and need to be unenrolled and re enrolled to JAMF. If your on JAMF cloud VPN wouldnt be needed