Configuration Profiles - Scope exclusions not working


Got an odd issues at the moment with Configuration Profiles not being removed from a Mac when the scope has the computer name added in as an exception.

We are running 9.62 in production and 9.72 in test and both versions have the same issue.

Our Safari Configuration Profile is setting our intranet homepage but for some of our support staff they don't want it being set, no probs I thought, Ill just add their computer name to the exclusions list. But after adding the exclusion the homepage is still being set.

Looking at the computer record > management > Configuration Profiles I can still see the Safari one being listed to be installed on the machine.

The only way I have managed to get it removed is by creating a department and adding that in as an exclusion.

All the Scope exclusion options should work?
Computers | Computer Groups | Buildings | Departments | Network Segments | iBeacons



So after a recent URL change for the JSS to a FQDN a few macs had yet to re-install MDM with the new URL. Once they have the new URL all Configuration Profile functionality works again.