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We have Include home directory sizes ticked in Computer Inventory Collection and can see data when looking in a JSS computer record. All good. The only issue now is I need to send a report to our project team as we are moving a load of users to MacBo...
Hoping someone can shed some light on this with some real world experience. We currently have VPP enabled and have been purchasing apps via the VPP portal for about 12 months, this is under an iTunes account Before VPP was a...
Seems that after upgrading to JSS 9.92 the Self Service plugins sidebar no longer gets installed. When forcing an update with jamf manage I can see the plugins listed as being installed, but then when looking in the /Library/Application Support/JAMF/...
Has anyone else seen this issue? We recently upgraded from 9.81>9.82 and now we are unable to remotely Netboot any Macs via Casper Remote 9.82. Tried target Macs running 10.8/9/10 and all fail just rebooting back to the Startup Disk. Our Netboot is r...
JSS 9.82 and OSX 10.11 now allows us to deploy VPP apps straight to a Mac with no messy AppStore logins or user intervention. THANK YOU JAMF Now, is it possible to then remove the app automatically? I successfully got Text Wrangler to install silentl...
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