Configurator 2 "Profile Installation Failed" Internet connection offline

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Hey all,
Unfortunately I was told to move to AC2, and now I can't enroll any device.

I continue to get the internet connection appears to be offline errors. And I want to tell it, "of course it is that's in the profile turn it on and connect!" (turning frustration off)

So I've created a blueprint which has:
Wifi profile to connect to a hidden no security wifi
My previous (used in AC1) working CA cert
My previous (used in AC1) enrollment profile

Each time I attempt to prepare an iPad I receive an error that the internet connection appears to be offline enrollment profile failed. (paraphrasing the error)

How are you all getting internet connection first so you can install your enrollment profile? I'm about to attempt using the Enrollment URL method but I have little hopes that will work since I can't get past connecting to the wifi before it attempts to do the next steps. I'm really at a loss here and can't go back to AC1.

Not sure if this matters but these iPads have the cellular cards in them. I mention that because I'm wondering if they somehow default to that before wifi which causes a delay in connecting to the wifi. The cellular service is off.

Thanks for any help!


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I haven't used AC2, but I've had issues with device not connecting to wifi fast enough during enrollment and failing.

The work around solution that has worked for me was an article linked below. It uses an access point with the ssid "apple store" since the device already has it hard coded.

See if this resolves your issue.

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Thanks Johnny! I'll check it out and reply back with the results!


We do the Wi-fi and enrollment in 2 passes. 1st pass is Wi-Fi and CA, 2nd pass is MDM

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Thanks for this post @mtiffany! We've had the same issue using AC1 and it is frustrating. Haven't updated to AC2 but I'm assuming we'll have the same issue. I'm curious to see responses for possible solution.

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It turns out that as @qhle373 mentioned, doing everything in separate passes works best.

I'm now running into the problem that it all works fine when doing one iPad. But when you connect to a cart or 25 iPads, it doesn't work. Best result I've seen thus far is it will work on 5 of the 25. This also makes it difficult because the new AC2 doesn't show slot position or which error'ed out so you can simply try to run the Blueprint again. There may be a setting that I'm missing to show slot number and which ones had the error??

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Does anyone know if an AirPort Express has a setting for how many simultaneous new connections it will allow?