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I recently spent some time on sorting out a workflow to distribute apps. Its specific to our environment since we are K-12, but maybe it may help someone else clarify apps going just to the Purchased section of the App store vs. automatic downloads o...
I just pieced a workflow together to make our Macs enroll in MDM if the profile was deleted. Wanted to get your thoughts on it or provide a solution for your setup if it works out. So far its running successfully for us. 1) Create Shell Script: #!/bi...
We use Configurator for a cart model, and have been seeing issues with Configurator not removing our MDM enrollment profile and more recently not removing Apps with iOS 8. Specifically it errors when we "Refresh" after adding an App to a device on ap...
K-12 Environment Like always, we try to curb the random iOS updates until we have sorted out whether or not they will break the usage for the end-users. The student iPads specifically are the ones we keep the closest eye on We have blocked the DNS fo...
We're about to start updating our iPads to iOS 8. Started with 1 iPad cart, but noticed that Configurator would error when trying to apply the MDM profile that the iPads were not activated yet. All of the iPads were indeed already activated, and on t...
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