Configure wifi payload for iPads with trust certificate from own infrastructure

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Hello everyone,

I hope you're all right. Just feel like I could use your expertise and seeing the matter.

Namely, we are about to change our infrastructure in order to make use of Apple Classroom. We intend to supplement this in Jamf with a configuration profile for specific iPad in order to enable automatic connection to the wifi network via certificate based client authentication.

In connection with this, we were going to configure a wifi payload with WPA/ WPA2/enterprise as the security type and use TLS as a protocol. What we are considering is whether we need to use our own CA-cert under the Certificate part of the same profile that can be selected as Trust under wifi payload configuration in order for JAMF to issue a unique client cert for affected devices.

Are we missing something important? Is this the best option? I'm grateful for your feedback if you've done it already.

Thank you in advance.


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You are correct, put the WiFi and cert in the same config profile.