Consolidating VPP IDs

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I'm trying to prune the number of Apple IDs used to acquire VPP licenses. For the transition I am repurchasing the (usually free) licenses and then switching the account in the VPP tab of the app instance when the new licenses appear. When that is done for all the affected apps, I plan to delete the older Apple ID.

Has anyone else done this? Are there any gotchas or ways the license transition is visible to end users?


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I wonder if switching VPP accounts will cause app reinstallation - in this case app data will be gone.
If not - great!
When I merged our 33 AppleID accounts into one Apple instructed me to uninstall all apps first, then I transferred licences from different accounts into one in Apple School Manager, then redistributed apps from that VPP account.


Do this on a test app on a test device first - Un-tick the VPP checkbox for and app > save > buy licenses for app under correct VPP token > go back to app > tick the VPP box on the app > choose correct token. Should experience no uninstall or data loss if process is completed within 30 day window.