Content Cache Issue With Jamf Pro

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Hello, I update the mac mini (2020 M1) to Ventura

And it looks like the content cache is having an issue. where the setting is grey out and says "Your system administrator is managing Content Caching" 

This was working on Monterey - the same mac mini nothing has changed except for the macOS version. 

I want to know if this is anything related to the previous jamf bug that did the same thing. Or this is Apple Issue? 


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check if there are any policies or settings that could be preventing you from accessing the content caching settings.

Thank you for ur reply

negative all the setting is the same I check the other with another mac mini which is the same as the other one. The only difference is that macOS versions


Also check your Computer "Configuration Profiles".  I've seen computer "restrictions" inadvertently disable "content caching".  You may want to exclude your content caching computers from any computer restrictions you currently have running. (Just a thought)

I resolve the issue currently I created a configuration profile to enable the content caching. And add the computer that I need that is currently enabled.

jerry-rigged fix temporary