Migration from Jamf Onprem to cloud


We have a migration requirement and we have around 300 devices are managing from Jamf On-prem. Upon checking, we are planning for the custom DNS option where we don't need to re-enroll those devices to the cloud. But, when the AWS can validate the URL via email, it will send an email to the domain manager of the environment. If the Jamf on-prem URL is 'jss.company.com' it would be easier to do the custom DNS because when sending an email first part of the URL 'jss.company.com' will be choked off and sent to 'admin@company.com.' But our on-prem URL is 'jss.it.companyname.com' will there be any problem in doing custom DNS?


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@sk25 I don't know if it's only an option with Jamf Premium Cloud, but for my org we still "own" the DNS record for our Jamf Cloud hosted environment so we skipped the AWS "adoption" process during the on-prem to cloud migration. You might ask your Jamf Success Manager and whoever manages your public DNS records if that's an option for you.