Convert file based distro point to JDS

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Just wondering if there is a way to convert a file based distro point to a JDS without having to re-replicate all the files that already exist on the distro point back over from the master. This would be very useful for distant locations where there is a small network pipe and copying tens of GB over again is not an ideal situation.


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The following was shared with me by JAMF Support but I have not tested it. I didn't seek approval to share. TEST before using in production. End of warnings…

This process can be used to migrate from a traditional file share to a JDS bypassing the upload steps to the JSS and database. Use the following steps for the Root JDS if the JDS is not on the same server hosting the distribution point.

1.) Install the JDS. 2.) Copy the files from the Packages folder of the master distribution point to /Library/JDS/shares/CasperShare/ on the JDS
3.) Update the JDS inventory by executing 'sudo jamfds inventory' on the JDS.

The inventory update may take a while based on the number and size of packages on the share. During this process the MD5-hash files are created on the share point. They're hidden, but you can view the creation process by running 'sudo ls -alh /Library/JDS/shares/CasperShare/'. Once the inventory submission completes, the packages will display in the Distribution tab of the Root JDS and be available for use.

One thing to note is that we will need to zip up any non-flat PKG's manually.

Then, add that we'll want to follow this: