Convert MySQL MyISAM to MySQL InnoDB

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This was mentioned in the presentation as it moves from a table lock to row lock process.

Wondering if any have done this and what steps you took to complete.

We have found references:



@kerouak I filed a bug for this... basically it's assuming you are starting and stopping your Linux services with systemctl however that's not always the case, you might find that your Linux distro is using service instead

So try restarting your database this way...

Make sure your Tomcat instance(s) have stopped first:

sudo service jamf.tomcat8 stop

Now restart the databse:

sudo service mysql restart

Now start up Tomcat:

sudo service jamf.tomcat8 start


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@brunerd did that actually work for you as far as conversion? I had the same issue, and after restarting mysqld and checking most of the tables were still myisam...

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@chris.kemp The current version of the jamf-pro tool fails to complete the InnoDB conversion on RHEL systems, so you have to do a manual conversion. Contact your TAM/Jamf Buddy/Customer Success Specialist/Whatever they're called today for the procedure.

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@Hugonaut Thanks for the very useful article I think it missed only in your process the reimport of the dump

this will import the sql dump

MYSQL PATH HERE -u root -p PASSWORDHERE < jamfsoftware_innodb.sql

Best and many thanks

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Thank you @bdelamarche for correcting the post! I updated my post..its only the most crucial part of the conversion haha. & You're welcome. Glad to help

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