Convert Radmind Packages and Transcripts to .pkg

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We're new to JAMF Pro and are currently using Radmind to create software packages and install them on our lab Macs. We would like to be able to keep all our current software installs (with all the customizations, licensing, etc. that we did) from Radmind and convert them to .pkg (or any other installer) that JAMF Pro can install. Does anybody know of a way to do this? There was reference to a script that could handle this on a website in New Zealand, but that script isn't downloadable anymore and the site isn't in the Internet Archive. Any pointers you could give me would be awesome.

--Mike Oliva
UC San Diego, ITS


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check this out:

It claims to work using the old packagemaker binary thought would be convert these on a slightly older system that has that binary and test them against newer OS.

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Also RADrepkg - look at example 2 in the readme, "Packaging up an existing radmind transcript"