Convert Static group to Smart Group

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Hi guys,


I want to convert a static group eventually a smart group.

I currently have two static groups regarding the enabling FireVault.

  • First group - Test Group (Testing the policy, etc etc)
  • Second group - Manually add (less than 10 Mac(s), one by one so it doesn't cause problems if issues happens)

Eventually, once everyone in the two groups is added, I want to migrate it over a smart group for future deployments.


My thought process is: create the smart group for All Computer and delete the static groups eventually. Just concerned that this method will cause issues with removing the profile and adding it again. 


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@sujal1208 As long as the computers you want the Configuration Profile deployed to are in both the Smart Group and Static Group then removing the Static Group should not result in the profile being removed, just be sure to select "Distribute to Newly Assigned Devices Only" when saving your change to the Conjuration Profile so that it isn't re-pushed to all machines in scope.