Copying & Installing .PKG on client machine's

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Hello All,

I have put this same request under Education Community but could not edit to bring it back to the general forum, so created the same requesst here again, any help appriciated.

I have a Osquery .pkg < > file that I want to deploy across our classrooms Mac's but I'm not able to figure out a process as to how to do this, what I want to do it is copy the .pkg to the desktop of our local admin account on all the classrooms Mac's & then run this .pkg.
earlier I use to use ARD and it was quite simple to install .pkg's via ARD, but not via Jamf.. we have latest Jamf cloud instance running and all our clients are Mohave & Catalina.
Thanks in advance for any help.


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Jamf has the ability to do the full install, rather than copy and install...

Upload the package to the JSS.
Create a policy, add the package to that policy, and then scope it to your machines.


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Yeah silly me, thanks