Create a smart group based on a pre-stage enrollment

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I am having trouble creating a smart group for some of my pre-stage enrollments. I have one that is setup for all of my iMacs that we get in, but when I create the smart group and make the criteria enrollment method: prestage enrollment, set the iMac prestage as the value, and then view the results, they do not match what I have in the prestage enrollment. What am I missing? I need the smart group to be accurate and I do not have the time to go through all 800 of our computers to pick out the 45 that are in the pre-stage enrollment for a static group. Please any help would be appreciated.


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Are you certain that all the Macs you expect to be in the Smart Group did in fact enroll into Jamf with that Prestage Enrollment? Are any of the Macs assigned in your Prestage still sitting in boxes and not set up yet by any chance?
The Smart Group is only going to pick up systems that have for sure gone through setup and enrolled that way. Not just anything assigned to that enrollment but may have inadvertently skipped the prestage enrollment for one reason or another. Or haven't even been set up yet.

If you can pick out some of the machines not showing up in the SG that you expect to be there, I would look at their computer details and look in the General tab. You should see something like Enrollment Method: PreStage enrollment: and the name of your Prestage Enrollment after it.
If that isn't present in the computer record, then that's why it's not being picked up by the Smart Group.