"Not verified" profiles ?

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I last week had a client that under profiles suddenly rapported "not verified" to any profiles at all that is installed. I did a re-enroillment and it work
This week I now see a new client that has the same issue "not verified" on any profiles. I found a command called sudo jamf trustJSS and after few minutes they all seems verified again
But all commands to the client is still pending. I have tried and delete pending commands and try again, but they all stuck in again with pending

So firstly - why is the "not verified" happening ? and guess the issue is when it happens remote commands to that client will not work anymore, so have to be fixed local

If the trustJSS can be used, how can the client again be working with no pending commands.


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What version of Jamf Pro are you using? We saw the pending management commands issue in v10.7.1 but things are much better since we recently migrated to v10.9.0.

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Also running 10.9.0

Just wondering how many clients there could have the same issue. Can there be created an EA on it or how is the best way to detect those who are broken

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Sorry - actually running 10.10. Today I have new clients that suddenly are not verified. So instead of moving forwards with enrollment I actually use time on repairing existing mac´s . I created a case already, but when it is not something 1st line can solve, the speed of solution is several weeks...going to be fun

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Contact support. Ive been running into this issue as well, i have 2 computers that have kicked their MDM profiles and their DEP profiles. i think they have an open product issue for this. as least you were able to get them to play nice with the JSS again... mine are not and i have one computer with continued popups from DEP even though i have removed it from prestage. Im looking at a wipe/re-enroll but since these are teacher computers its a little more complicated then that.

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I had two devices do this to me in the last two days. This was caused by the student turning off automatic time zone and setting the date to something random. They do this to trick apps into giving early rewards. Once Set Time Automatically was restore on the device the issue was resolved and profiles no longer said expired. Hope this helps.

Update: Just noticed this was about MacBooks and not iOS devices. However, I hope this may help an iOS user if they stumble across it like I did searching for unverified profiles.