Creating Smart Group for out of date Crowdstrike versions

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I am trying to create a smart group of machines with CS versions that are not "5.%" or "6.%" (%s being wildcards). This is what I have right now but the smart group populates with all machines on the network.


Has anyone successfully created a smart group based on the version number that the machine is running? Thanks!


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@cnixon14 The forum software makes it really hard to embed a regex, so this will take a little work...

Use Match Version Number or Higher.bash to generate a regex for version 5.6 or higher.

Then change to a single Criteria:"Falcon Sensor Version" Operator:"does not match regex" Value:"The regex generated by Match Version Number or Higher.bash"

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You should probably switch the modifier to "does not match regex" instead of the "is not" modifier. And use something like ^[5-6].* That should find any version that doesn't start with a 5. or 6.

You might have to add in some other criteria in case the extension attribute you're using returns something like Not Installed, as mine does, or if it's blank (i.e. a machine hasn't checked in with new inventory in a long while)

Edit: @sdagley beat me to it. Same idea.