Creative Cloud app install - silent install option is dead?

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I used to have a script that downloaded and installed the main Creative Cloud It would sit in the /Applications/Utilities folder and wait for the user to open it for the first time and login. With the current version, it seems that you can't do it without the GUI. And when I install via the executable inside the app package, I get a GUI window letting me know that I'll need to enter my admin password, but the password dialog never shows. If I just "open" the from the DMG (via script) it of course behaves as it would with an end user. Except that it won't install until you login with your Adobe account FIRST. So I guess I just answered my own question, Adobe managed to screw this process up (again). Has anyone found a workaround? Composer maybe?


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I know some have written recipes for Creative Cloud Desktop for AutoPkg. Have you checked to see if there's an up-to-date .pkg installer there? (Maybe one of them has cracked this nut already).