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Ok I am not upgrading to CS4 until a newer version of casper is released since I am having issues with the image creation of CS4.

I am reinstalling and creating a package for CS3. It seems to work well to use Caspers installer mechanism with the exception that it is not taking the serial number I put in the Adobe Installer info section. It is a site license and it is correct as I when I launch the app I use the same serial number and it goes fine.

Anyone have any idea why it wouldn't populate the machine with the serial number I provide?

I am guessing I am not first to have this issue.



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Are you launching Photoshop first before other applications? That's like the "master application" to run after imaging to fully register the license information.

If you launch another application before you've launch Photoshop you may be prompted to serialize the applications again. Just launch Photoshop.

I believe this is a known thing by Adobe with intent to change or fix.

Craig E

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I haven't gotten to that point yet. It's just a known thing here that people know to do it at this point. If they call the help desk that's what they tell them to do.

One thing I am going to explore is that I have this really complicated patching mechanism for after a machine is imaged that does an autologon of a generic user to patch the adobe products while a user is logged in. I thought of actually adding something there that launching Photoshop is added to that generic user accounts open at login options.

That's about all I know, I'll copy this back to the list to see if anyone else has a method they use.

Craig E

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Or, can you package up just the finalized license db file(s) and blow those down after the fact? Got me...just thinking out loud.

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How about using a self-destructing LaunchAgent?

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