Errors during imaging

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We just rolled out Casper to another one of our remote offices. We are
having issues imaging computers. Some of the packages fail to install. It
usually is a different package each time. I have make sure all permissions
are correct. I even recopied all of the files to the share to make sure
they where not damaged some how. No luck. I am thinking that the computer
is dropping the share while imaging. Any way to check and see if that is
the case?

Example error

An error occurred while Casper was imaging the computer "MX61-Landor PB 15".

Event log from imaging:

Preparing installation... Initializing Imaging Process... Mounting afp:// Verifying Packages... Verifying Scripts... Preparing disk for block copy... Performing Block Copy of OS-10.5.4. V1.0.2.dmg... Cleaning up after block copy... Installing creative-Adobe CS2 v2.dmg... Installing Firefox 3.0.1.dmg... Installing MEXOffice2008 12.1.14.dmg... Installing Required Fonts.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Landor Desktop With Boats.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Landor Screen Saver.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Login Items.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Mouse.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Screen Saver.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Software Update Set.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Sound.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 TimeMachine.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Universal Access.dmg... Installing UI MEX Base dock.dmg... Installing util-EasyFind 4.0.1.dmg... Installing UTIL-Fixpermissions 1.01.dmg... Installing UTIL-Recon 6.0.1.v1.01dmg.dmg... Error: The file creative-Adobe CS2 v2.dmg does not exist. Installing UTIL-SFO-Sav 10.2.0.dmg... Installing util-Stuffit Standard 12.01.dmg... Installing util-Timbuktu 8.7 sf v1.01.dmg... Installing UI-MEX CS2 dock.dmg... Installing MEX_AdobeCS2 updates.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Disk Buring verification.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Internation Menu.dmg... Installing UI 10.5 Sidebar.dmg... Installing OFFICE 2008 Database New User.dmg... Installing Office-Landor MS Templates.dmg... Installing Timbuktu Sender 1.2.dmg... Installing UI Mexico Server.dmg... Installing Font Explorer CS 2 plugins.dmg... Installing Font Exporer 1.2.3 v1.0.3.dmg... Installing MEX HP Printer Software.dmg... Installing Software updates off.dmg... Installing UI-Firewall off.dmg... Installing UI-LaAdmin Dock Leopard.dmg... Error: The file creative-Adobe CS2 v2.dmg does not exist. Setting computer name to "MX61-Landor PB 15"... Creating /private/etc/jamf.conf... Creating /usr/sbin/jamf... Creating Startup Script... Creating Login/Logout Hooks... Creating /usr/sbin/jamfvnc... Creating First Run Script... Blessing System... Ensuring system files are hidden... Unmounting File Server...

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Are you using http?

I had errors like this before.

Check permissions. Check the pkg's

My problem was installing pkg's, I've also seen this with permissions issues so I always propergate premissions with server admin.

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Is this happening on a wired or wireless connection?
Have you had trouble with this part of the network before?
Where is your Distribution Point in relation to your client?

Is it always the same packages that fail, or does it vary? It looks like
your Adobe CS2 package is what failed here. Depending on your version of
the suite, that package can be more than 2 GB. That's quite a chunk of data
to push around. Of course, I imagine your Leopard OS image is probably
around 3 GB. However, if you've got network concerns with this remote
office, I'd try putting a distribution point on the remote office's local
network. I don't like pushing images over a WAN link. I've done it, but
with varying results.

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I get errors like that occasionally at remote sites where it will say "Error installing .....package" or "Script is missing" But I know they are there and sometimes it worked even with the error and then sometimes I don't get errors and the machine is not bootable. I've seen a couple cases where the package (especially OS package) is bad at the remote site and when I replace it as you did, it works. Strange. I'm curious about network issues causing this? why would it say "script or package not found" when I know it is there and permissions are good.

On the side, do the permissions on a package or script need to be r - - or r - x to work for install? I've seen both and don't think it matters, just curious.

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I set up all my Casper Servers the same way. One local admin account and two managed local accounts. The two local accounts are casperinstall and casperadmin, they are the read only and the read/write users of the casper packages. Then I create an ACL that allows these accounts full read/write and read only access to those folders. I like to keep it simple that way. Then in the JSS add those two users as my read only and read/write user accounts, and I let the local admin account be the owner of all said files. Then i replicate that across all my casper servers

have not had a problem yet.

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