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So I worked a couple of years back with DEPNotify and it was working great for our purpose.

Does it still work great? Would like to have it start after a user completes enrollment via Apple Business Manager into Jamf Pro.

I read some conflicting experiences if DEPNotify still works with the enrollment complete trigger used by Jamf Pro.



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@yuto21 DEPNotify is an application that will provide visual feedback for a script that you would trigger on enrollment complete. You may be thinking about the DEPNotify-Starter script, which is a Jamf developed script which is commonly used as a basis for such a script. And yes, it still works.

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While the DEPNotify and the DEPNotify-Starter script are still good solutions. They have not been updated recently. I would recommend looking at dialog-scripts/Setup Your Mac at main · dan-snelson/dialog-scripts (

Dan Snelson has done an outstanding job with this script. 

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@TribruinWhile @dan-snelson's swiftDialog based workflow is an impressive alternative to DEPNotify-Starter, and has inspired me to look changing my own enrollment script to use swiftDialog, it is not specifically intended to be triggered by enrollment completion which @yuto21 was asking about.

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Yup. We became a Jamf Pro customer in September and I implemented DEPNotify-Starter to install standard-issue software titles (Asset inventory agent, remote connection, productivity, browser, browser homepage, dock configuration) to new ABM/DEP-assigned Macs. Our Help Desk loves the automation, saves them time and ensures every new Mac set up is consistent. 

For user-initiated enrollments, I added triggers to policies scoped to smartgroups ("computers without software XYZ") to backfill missing software, including Jamf Connect, as well as create our local administrator account if it somehow wasn't already there. 

We are basically zero-touch thanks to it. Once the script was perfected, all I've had to update are the installer packages here and there.

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DEPNotify is great, I have tested it for enrollments and it provides good UX. However, I recently started testing out swiftDialog for pre-stage and end user prompts. swiftDialog paired with GitHub - smithjw/swiftEnrolment: All the pieces needed to create a Jamf Pre Stage Package and Enrolm... has been awesome so far. 

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The on enrolment trigger to kick off DEPNotify seems a bit hit and miss, what are the suggested ways here and any examples.

I'm thinking a LaunchAgent pkg in the prestage.