Customised Snapshot taking from Jamf

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I am reaching out to seek your assistance regarding a customized requirement for taking snapshots on Jamf, involving multiple applications bundled as a single package. I would greatly appreciate your guidance and expertise in achieving this.

I have been exploring the functionalities of Jamf and its ability to capture snapshots, which I find extremely useful for managing software deployments. However, I have encountered a specific scenario where I would like to create a custom snapshot that includes multiple applications within a single package.

Could you please provide me with step-by-step instructions or guidance on how to achieve this? Here are some specific details regarding my requirements:

Snapshot Purpose: I would like to capture a snapshot of a specific software configuration that includes multiple applications installed on a macOS device.

Multiple Applications: The package I want to create should include several applications, each with its own specific settings and configurations.

Customization: It is essential for me to customize each application's settings within the package before deployment.

I understand that Jamf offers various features and tools to accomplish such tasks, but I would greatly appreciate your expert guidance to ensure I follow the most efficient and best-practice approach.


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I suggest reading over JAMF Composers documentation. However, I could not tell you the last time I used a snapshot for anything other than trying to find something be messed with when installing an application. Generally speaking you want one application per package, do not mix unrelated payloads. Applications are usually configured with Configuration Profiles, you would need to reference each application's documentation to know what preferences (configurations) you can set. If an application has the ability to have preferences (configurations) set with CLI, you can run a post install script in the package; again review vendor documentation. 


Composer User Guide | Jamf

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We found the modular approach works best, especially given the 20GB upload size limit


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What the guys above said is correct.  You're in essence trying to build an "image" which is just not they way to go.

Build each app individually.