CyberDuck Alternative?


I've found that CyberDuck works great internally in our environment but has issues when attempting to reach external sites. The issue appears to be of our authenticating proxy. CyberDuck appears to have known issues operating with a setup like ours, especially for HTTPS traffic to a site like Rackspace.

I'm continuing to try and get the developers of CyberDuck to address the issue, but thus far we're stuck. Does anyone know of an alternative to CyberDuck that offers a similar feature set?


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how is this being used? Natively curl is built in, but then you'd have users leveraging terminal if they're not familiar. Other than that, I'd look into FileZilla. Transmit used to be a good match, too, but haven't looked at it in years.

And FWIW finder can do some decent basic FTP connections.

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My studio photographers in several remote locations and my retouchers at the main office all still rely on Transmit 5 - there's a demo available. The only concern I might have is that it hasn't been updated in quite some time and the publisher, Panic Software, seems to be having a rough go of things lately.

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We use Filezilla on Mac and Windows. It's free and it works through our proxy, but the interface can be a little rough since it doesn't use standard Mac conventions.

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The suggestions for FileZilla are great but I need HTTPS support for the particular issue I'm trying to resolve. From what I can tell FileZilla doesn't support HTTPS connection which is what's required for uploading files to Rackspace Cloud Files.

Curl is obviously an option and very powerful, but the end users are designers and that makes curl a less than ideal solution, but thanks for the suggestion.

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[WebDrive]( is a great alternative. It is updated much more frequently than Cyberduck, and tech support is really easy to get a hold of if you have issues. It is a more robust tool than Filezilla, as well, and supports more secure protocols.

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How about Transmit (?) which has a RackSpace Connector