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Came in this morning and saw that our on prem Jamf Pro Server wasn't working. Noticed the MySQL database server stopped working. Been working with Jamf Support all day to help resolve issue but no luck. At this point, they suggest that we have to remove anything from MySQL entirely and reinstall everything. The only problem is that I have a backup from the Jamf Pro Database that is from 2 months ago. The only thing changed recently was the On Prem server had moved over from the old office location. I confirmed the devices were responding to the JSS before I left for the weekend. Not sure what could have changed over the weekend. Has anyone ever ran into this problem. Thanks in advance. c68d86bfac99445990b83515f12494ce


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@skhublall Are your Tomcat and MySQL hosted on the same server (together)? If so, do you know the root password for MySQL? If so, load up the MySQL CLI on your box and add a new user (with different info from the current Jamf MySQL account) and then grant the Jamf database (probably named jamfsoftware) to the new user.

Have you tried the default DB username and password?

Please feel free to email me if you need direct assistance.

Jared Flitt

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@jared_f I sent you an email. Let me know if you received it.