Database Connection Error

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I've created the Jamf Database and configured everything. I've restarted the server and now I'm getting this error:


Please see the attached Screen Shot.

MySQL is running and I've granted all the privileges. Not sure what's going on.


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MySQL running on the same box as the Tomcat instance?

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A list of some quick things to MySQL running? It looks like MySQL is supposed to be ruining on the same server as tomcat from the picture...if that is not the case and it’s on a different box, you’ll need more grant commands. Is the database name, user and password what you think it is?

Assuming from your pic, you have MySQL and tomcat on the same box with the username jamfsoftware connecting to a database named jamfsoftware. That is the default set of settings that come from the standard installer. It assumes a password of ’jamfsw03’. Is that the password you used in your MySQL grant command when you created the database?

Finally if hosting on Windows check that traffic going to MySQL can get through the windows firewall. On Linux, Don’t forget to comment out the bind-address in your my.cnf file. (I am going to correct my own statement here on the Linux side...only comment out the bind-address if your database and Tomcat reside on separate servers. Same with the Windows firewall...this is only a relevant step if your Tomcat and MySQL are on separate servers.)

Check those items if you an aside, I would not recommend using the default username and password on your production server for that. Big security hole as experienced jamf Pro admins know this is the default info used by the one says you must use the default.

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Looks like MySQL isn't running. I tried running it and got this message:


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Anything guys?

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What OS version are you running your server on (looks like macOS) and what version of MySQL are you using? Are you running MySQL and Tomcat on the same server? Hard to troubleshoot further without this information.

Since it looks like macOS and on the same box, if you open System Preferences, do you see the MySQL service starting and stopping by itself at different points? If you start the service from there are you able to log into mysql command line and verify the grants?

The first screenshot you posted makes it look like MySQL is running as the error presented is about permission issues after it hit the mysql server.

You can verify your existing grants with:

SHOW GRANTS FOR UserName@HostName;

You can check all grants on your mysql system:

mysql 5.6 or before:

SELECT User, Host, Password FROM mysql.user;

mysql 5.7 or above:

SELECT User, Host, Authentication_String FROM mysql.user;