Deep Freeze and recent Casper Suite version

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we are planning to deploy deep freeze onto 1 lab of 25 machines for specific purposes....

I found a white paper dated of septeber 2010... was wondering if that was still accurate to manage the computers with deep freeze from policies and casper... or if the best practices were changed ....


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I haven't used Deep Freeze since 2010 but it wasn't with Casper. The best bet would probably be to reach out to your account rep and see if JAMF has anything more up to date than that. They would know for sure.

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Where did you check for the whitepaper? Here you will find the latest whitepapers .

I would recommend you to go for Deep Freeze. We are using it in our school from last 5 years. Our system admins are very happy with it. They can easily manage the 3 computer labs of around 150 computers. Central Management feature is awesome.

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Are you using Casper Suite and DeepFreeze together? If so, have you had any issues with integrating them? We are running into some roadblocks on this point...