Default Desktop in 10.11

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I may have missed this conversation since we're just starting to mess with 10.11 here...

Whats the secret to setting the Default Desktop now that SIS is blocking access to the System Folder? I don't want a permanently set background for the user but we do want a default for first boot that they can then change to whatever they want thereafter.


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Config profile

Put your custom desktop picture into /Library/Desktop Pictures (Or where ever you want really)

Use config profile to tell it where to look

Specifically the key in the profile is:

    <string>/Library/Desktop Pictures/My_Custom_Picture.jpg</string>

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The Symlink is protected, but the file it points to is not. I've updated our default desktop package to include a line that any 10.11 gets changed and the rest have the symlink changed as expected. This is a case where you are the hammer and the world is your nail.