Default files to open with new iWork

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We have both iWork '09 as well as the latest iWork suite. What is the best way to change the default .pages, .numbers, .keynote file extensions to open in the new iWork programs (Pages 5.2, Numbers 3.2, Keynote 6.2)? We have seen the recommendations of using duti, but the bundle identifiers are the same.

For instance:
Pages '09 bundle identifier:
Pages 5.2 bundle identifier:

We obviously would like to push this out for our users rather than then going to Get Info and changing it themselves.


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perhaps have a look at the launchservices plist?

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Give DUTI a look.

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The issue is that DUTI works by bundle identifier. With the bundle identifier for both the old versions of the programs and the new ones being the same, I have heard this won't work. Have you tried it with success?