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Jamf Pro 10.40.0 Beta 2 is Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation!We are excited to announce that Jamf Pro 10.40 Beta 2 is available! Jamf Pro 10.40 includes new features and enhancements such as: a new deployment status tab for App Installers, major improvements in Healthcare patient workflows, m...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.39.1 Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation,Today we are releasing Jamf Pro 10.39.1. To learn more about this release and the product issues it addresses, please read the Jamf Pro 10.39.1 release notes here. Cloud Upgrade ScheduleYour Jamf Pro server, including any free sandb...  View more

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tomcat errors on start (jss on CentOS 5.5)

I updated a test instance of the jss running on CentOS 5.5 from 8 to 8.1 and am having trouble getting tomcat to start. 8.0 was running fine on this vm before, so 8.1 should work once this issue is resolved. Here's a snippet of the tomcat error logs:...  View more

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Office 2004 to 2008 + WSE

Hi All,I'd like to remove Office 2004, install 2008, and upgrade to the web services edition of Entourage, in as much of a single shot as possible. Can I build a single package with 2008 up-to-date + WSE, and remove 2004 at the same time? What about ...  View more

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Binding to AD with AFP PHDs

Our group is interested in setting up synced portable home directories. We are currently bound to an AD forrest that we have no control over in which case our home directories on the server are setup to be some samba directory that we do no use at al...  View more

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Netboot with new MacBook Pro w/ Thunderbolt

We have just got in a new MBP w/ Thunderbolt i/o that I cannot get toNetboot to our Netboot image. The Netboot image consists of a retailinstall of 10.6 w/ the combo updater of 10.6.7. It will show the spinningglobe but then kernel panics. Any sugges...  View more

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New extension attribute. "Model Identifier"

Today there was a need to report on the "Model Identifier" that you see in System profiler. I whipped this up and just thought I'd share it out for anyone who needed it. An example of how this is different from the what the JSS normally gathers is:In...  View more

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Built in VPN (Cisco IPSec) w/ certificates

I've been mucking around with OS X's built in Cisco VPN. I've gotten itworking with certificates on the iDevices, but I can't seem to get theMac to do it. And I can't use shared secret's due to PCI compliance. Using the exact same certs (Root CA and ...  View more

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Off topic help

This issue is not related to Casper, but I know there is a great wealth ofknowledge out there and thought someone might be able to help me out.... Issue: Office 2008 for Mac / Default save point usually network homedirectory/Documents not available S...  View more

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Installing to leopard issue

I am hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem I am having. I am rolling out an update to PGP for both Leopard and Snow Leopard laptops. I can not get the pkg to install on leopard machines. Whether they are 10.5.2 - 10.5.8. I have a pol...  View more

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Problems Packaging MS Office 2011 SP1

Has anyone tried to package up the recently released (2 or 3 days ago) Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2011? I cannot get a working package created using standard Composer methods. DETAILS 1) Using Casper Suite 8.02) Packaging against a clean 10....  View more

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Powering on Macs Remotely

All, While I have been working with my PC counterparts at the college, we discussed something I have yet to attempt or know If it can be done on a Mac. This is, powering on a Mac over the local network. Does anyone know if this is possible? This is i...  View more

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Setting "terminals" proxy?

Hi all, An earlier e-mail reminded me of something that's been bugging me. How do you set the proxy that "terminal" uses? My new environment has 1 proxy that uses NTLM & another that just logs. Users use the NTLM one, but servers etc use the other. T...  View more

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Mac Update Script

I came across this script online...http://lightsandshapes.com/tutorials/mac/macscript It seems to work fairly well, but every user that runs it through caspergets a script failed ­ even if it runs properly. Maybe someone who has some uber script-fu c...  View more

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Composer 8 with JSS 7.31

Hi, Does anyone package using Composer 8 and deploy it using JSS 7.31? We are running JSS 7.31 in our environment and using Composer to package applications. Since Composer 8 has some new features, we are planning to use Composer 8 to package apps de...  View more

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Recon - Locating Receipts

Guys, Just attempting to add a couple of machines to casper (via Recon) and am getting a lag where it is constantly trying to locate the receipts.I have added over 100 machines with the same spec and this one is giving me hassles. Thoughts ??? Also w...  View more

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new image/policy ideas for 1:1 refresh

Hey everyone, I am going to do my first refresh this summer of laptops. The district is either going to purchase the new white macbooks or new Macbook Airs. They haven't decided what to do yet. This however, gives me an opportunity to change things u...  View more

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Hello all, I am just looking for some info regarding netboot. We are utilizing netboot with about a 4 or 5GB image. We are also erasing the HD on boot to casperimaging. From experience what are you all experiencing as far as completion time on the ne...  View more

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Removal of Dock Items

Hey Group,I am having a brain fart here. What the easiest way to remove dock items? ThanksLC  View more

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Mounting Network Shares At login

Hi guys, So 3 weeks into my new environment & i'm starting to do some prep work for when we get Casper (soon it looks like). Previously, i've used OD to map users drives at login & in general this has worked well. In this environment, it looks like t...  View more

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Allen Creech | Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University | (919) 749-8278  View more

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management user

Hey Group,It is possible to use the management user to login into the mac after it isimaged and managed? ThanksLC  View more

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Parallels 6 Installer

I finally got around to creating an install pack for Parallels Desktop v6.0. I noticed that the installer is an app not a pkg as it was with v5.0. This prompts to contact Parallels for an update which I want to avoid like the plague. Has anyone creat...  View more

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Has *anyone* gotten the Python from the API SDK to work?

I wrote some python to talk to the JSS API but I get 400 errors every time, so I tried the sample that comes in the SDK download. Same problem. But if I take the same XML and send it up with CURL it works great. Could it be that the SDK was written w...  View more

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iLife '11: How To - Option 3

I found a way to automate the install The Right Way™, including installing package receipts and such (necessary for permissions repair, I'd expect): mkdir "/private/tmp/iLife '11"cp "/Volumes/iLife '11 Install DVD/Installer/Packages"/* "/private/tmp/...  View more

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Wierd Inventory Issue

I upgraded the JSS the other day and am having an issue with the web app on IE8 with Windows. When I click details for a machine, the left hand navigation isn't there. See screenshot. Anyone having this issue or know what to do? ![external image link...  View more

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Changing Computer names

I have a group of computers that have already been imaged that I want to add to Casper. They all are named with the same name. Is there an easy way to rename the computers as they are added - I wouldn't care if it was to their Serial Numbers but I ne...  View more

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