Default font Outlook change for every PC

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I want to change default font in Outlook desktop on our Mac's.

I tried using the OutlookFontPoke from Github but it didn't worked. Here is the error message:
"Script result: usage: dirname path
/Library/Application Support/JAMF/tmp/Outlook Font: line 20: cd: HOME not set WARNING: Registry DOES NOT exist at path /Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/MicrosoftRegistrationDB.reg. Attempting to create... mkdir: /Library/Group Containers: No such file or directory cp: //TemplateRegDB.reg: No such file or directory ERROR: Registry could not be created."

Is there any other way of changing it? I need to change to Arial 10pt #272727


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I am on the same boat, getting a different error, but I am sure is becuase I am not running it correctly. I am not understading how the deployment is supposed be in JAMF to get it pushed out.

Can someone help us please?

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Same boat'ish here too...  Getting "OutlookFontPoke: command not found" when trying to run OutlookFontPoke from pbowden using the example command:

Thinking that I was doing something wrong I tried using outlookFontSet from quedayone but getting the same error:


Just need to set a default font for Outlook (and word/excel hopefully)